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Various 80s


Various 80s - This is where we put the photos that we don't know where else to keep. If you have any suggestions, or indeed recollections of where and when any particular photo was taken, please let us know ASAP.....

Wigan Casino


Taken at the site where the Northern Soul mecca that was Wigan Casino once stood, here are (Cheeky) Pete Rutt, Sean Henry, Neil Abrams (who sadly passed away recently, August 2007) and Kev Henry. Photo: Phil Appleford


Craig and Matt back in the 80s, at Watford's Dome Roundabout by the looks of things - suggesting they are just about to embark on a scooter related adventure!


Matt W on his 50 Special, back in the day!


Matty B on his first ever scooter, before colour film was invented!!


Craig's vreeble painted GP at the IoW sometimne in the early 80s (TBC - picture 'borrowed' from the Modrapheniacs SC website).


Tank suits - it's the only way forward!! (Craig & Brissy, year unknown)


Craig and his Vespa, a very fast Vespa no matter how badly he told you it was running!


The parties at No 58 were legendary. Here Mr Bristow sports a rather fashionable number in a fetching shade of beige... (early 1988).


Lisa, Lesley, Craig, Lol & Jenny I think. Place and date unknown, but it does look familar....


(Summer 1988): Smut, H, Brissy and Matt W outside the Oxhey Pavillions, Wednesday night meeting place for the Eagles for a number of years during the 80s.


Yes, members of the Colne Valley SC get a moment of glory courtesy of a group shot with the A41 Eagles on the A41 Eagles website. Some things never change, eh?


Various A41 Eagles and CVSC (I think I recognise Liz in there!).


Santa Pod Race Way Northamptonshire, Saturday 14th July 1990. Matt W and Rob (Bob) Whitehead with members of CVSC.



The A41 Eagles on tour C.jpg

In a back-up van going somewhere?


Santa Pod Race Way Northamptonshire again (14th July 1990). Jon 'Watford' Richards, Matt W and Amanda Latham.


Craig's V50 Roadrunner outside Burtons c.1983.

The A41 Eagles on tour B.jpg

In a back up van, going somewhere.....

The A41 Eagles on tour A.jpg

Checking out the footie scores girls?

The A41 Eagles 'clubhouse' in Watford.jpg

Inside the Club House, AKA 'Number 58'.


Darren, ?, Jason G, in 1984 outside Matt W's house. Fashionable, eh?


Simon Daniels riding through North Watford in 1984...


Matt W and American Jim, behind the 100 Club in London, 1986.

Sean H's 21st, 1987


Don and Jason.


Phil Appleford and Paul Knight, at Sean H's 21st, 1987.