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Stickers 2007

Stickers for your Scooters!


Here's an example of the two types of vinyl stickers that were produced in 2007 for the Eagles' 25th anniversary in 2007.

First is the the red 25th anniversary Eagle (A better version can be seen on the website's message board page).

The red anniversary eagle is square sized 11x12cm and works out at 45p per sticker.


Second is a slightly updated version of the 'bald eagle' with '1982 -2007' added and the font changed (again a better version can be seen in the galleries 'patches & badges' section).

The b/w 'bald eagle' (round design on a square sticker) is sized 5.16x4.85cm and costs 11p per sticker.

I've also got some of these already cut out in a circle.

Drop me a line if anyone wants any, Andy