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On Film

On Film


Over the years the A41 have appeared on the screen with their scooters on a few ocassions.

As and I when I discover how to upload any footage I have (or better still, find it elsewhere on the net!), I'll post it here.

Fine Young Cannibals - Good Thing


In 1989 The A41 Eagles were asked to star in a video with the Fine Young Cannibals to promote their latest single, Good Thing.

If I remember rightly we were paid quite well for each day's 'work', which involved riding our scooters around Paddington, raiding the refreshments wagon, make a nuisance of ourselves, taking the piss out of the models with 16 immaculate IoW Paddy Smith patches sewn onto their brand new MA1 flight jackets, and Matty B finally persuading Roland Gift to go for a spin on the back of his Vespa.

Oh happy days...

(By the way, the video here has been borrowed from You Tube, so thanks to them and apologies therefore if it disappears!)

Run - Channel 4 Television, circa 1993.


Another picture sent in from Phil, depicting club members at their then meeting place at The Manor House in Eastcote (middx) before setting off for Porthcawl rally in Wales.

This was filmed by Channel 4 TV for a documentary called 'Run', screen later that year.

If you have 'Real Player' then you may be able to see a snippet of the film via this link that Phil found for us, budding TV star that he is!

  • Courtesy of This Old Soul Website