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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the A41 Eagles?

A scooter club where friendship came before the scooter. We've seen many other clubs come and go because all the members had in common for a short while were scooters, and so eventually arguments and a change of transport led to them disbanding.

Members of the A41 Eagles SC may not all live within spitting distance of Watford anymore, or attend each and every rally, but we're all still mates with a strong interest in scooters.

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Where do the A41 Eagles meet?

Generally at rallies or events. We're too old to meet every Wednesday and pay 50p to a club secretary these days...

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Do the A41 Eagles accept new members?

Very rarely these days. In fact we haven't done for ages. Why spoil something that works so well as it is?

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You sound like a great bunch of people. Can I buy you a drink?

Thank you, and yes of course you can! Just look out for us at the next rally or event you attend.

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